Monday, April 1, 2013

Top ten reasons why April is Financial Literacy Month

April April has been declared Financial Literacy Month. Because today is April 1, I thought we could start off with a list of the reasons why April has been dedicated to financial literacy, following the example of other famous top ten lists.
Top ten reasons why April is Financial Literacy Month:

  1. Because financial literacy is important!
  2. Because what else would you rather do in April?
  3. Because years, centuries, and millennia were already taken.
  4. Because April was not dedicated to another topic yet.
  5. Because a week would not have been enough.
  6. Because choosing a financial literacy day would have been really difficult (which one out of 365?).
  7. Because the spring- with good weather and longer days- is when we are inclined to start new things.
  8. Because financial literacy can blossom like a spring flower.
  9. Because in April we have to pay taxes and we can take some comfort in thinking of something worse than taxes: the statistics about financial illiteracy!
  10. If we dedicate a month to financial literacy, we do not have to do anything else for it.

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Jeremiah Magone said...

And also because of;

11. Love. The love of learning that still lives the spring time of our lives.

12. Youth. The unlimited possibilities of youth who know how to use smart financial planning to bring their futures to them, today.

13. Freshness. Eager minds that just 'know' what they want in life. By financial education, we mean - showing them how to get just that.

14. The flowers that will come through the rains. An education that can be admired by all.

15. Optimism. The empowerment one feels in opportunity, born of your own mind.

16. The end of winter. Clearing out all of the cold winds and financial problems of the past to warm yourself in a secure future.

17. The feeling of immortality. The belief that nothing can ever get you down so much that you can't establish your credit, your character again.

18. Young love. Remembering when 10 dollars for a movie that you scarcely watched was all the money in the world.

19. Re-commitment. Because 'getting it right' in your home finances means a 30% better chance of sharing beautiful moonlight walks....

20. Precious memories. Seeing your son or daughter growing into a financial mature individual. All of the pride that you will feel in their success.

Thank you Annamaria Lusardi for helping to bringing this financial 'springtime' into our lives.

15. Marriages that can agree on their finances have a 30% better chance of sharing beautiful moonlight walks...